Welcome to JLK Marine - TowBoatU.S. Cobb island

We are the boater's safety net while on the water... Be safe and have peace of mind just knowing, We Are There For You!


TowBoatU.S. is the world's largest commercial towing network... more boats... faster service...

Don’t Delay... Join Today!

**Unlimited Towing is provided by TowBoatU.S. companies only.

Never pay a towing bill again. TowBoatU.S. offers you, the boater...

**Unlimited Saltwater Towing within any TowBoatU.S. service area for only
 $159.00 (Includes BoatU.S. Annual Membership)

Total peace of mind and the very best towing coverage known to mankind. Also, you will have the benefit as a member to receive special discounts at WestMarine stores!

Your TowBoatU.S. membership covers YOU, on ANY Boat you operate, whether owned, borrowed, rented or chartered... ANY Boat!!! ...not just one boat!


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JLK Marine - TowBoatUS
Cobb Island, Maryland


Tel. 301-259-4066

Towing Captains

Charles Chapman III
Joey Chapman
Luke Chapman
CJ Lancaster
Shawn Mahaffey
Dan McClarren

Crews are available 24/7