How to Get Help Fast

TowBoatU.S. is the largest documented coast-to-coast commercial towing network. With 300 ports and over 600 vessels standing by, help is never far away (even if we don't have one listed in the guide, we can still get you service 24/7 within the United States.)

Getting help is easy. Just use any one of these procedures...

Hail "TowBoat U.S." on VHF Channel 16.

For Towing Assistance key your VHF mike and say "TowBoat U.S., TowBoat U.S., this is vessel (your boat's name here) hailing TowBoat U.S." Wait two minutes, if there is no response, try again.


Contact TowBoat U.S. directly by cell phone.

Use your cell phone to call the closest TowBoat U.S. Company listed in our online Towing Guide.


Hailing the Coast Guard

In any life threatening or emergency situation, hail the Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16.


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